Mission Statement

"Building bridges that help seekers become fully devoted followers of Christ."

We are a community of people who believe that “church” is a way of life, and not a building or a program. We
strive, imperfectly, to approach life with authenticity, not with spiritual facades; to be welcoming without being
overbearing; to emphasize freedom, not conformity; to value personal transformation, not religious scorekeeping;
to be united under the Kingdom of God, not divided by politics; to affirm that Biblical authority and Spiritual
power go hand in hand; to love God passionately and love people unconditionally.

Are you among the unconvinced? We invite you on a journey toward Christ in an environment where you and your questions are taken seriously…

Already convinced? We invite you to join us in pursuing all that God has created us to be…
…all to the glory of Jesus Christ.